Hear From Those Who Have Had Treatment

“Mr. Richard Flyer,

On November 17th I completed my 40th Hyberbaric treatment at your clinic on 1500 E Second Street. The experience strengthened my confidence in the professional and caring manner that health care is provided in this area. I was diagnosed with throat cancer last November and have completed a variety of treatment plans associated with my condition. This included surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and some other physical therapy along with MRIs, CT scans and a PET scan. Based on these experiences I can say that the Hyperbaric treatments were extremely effective in accelerating my healing process. The Doctors and support staff in the Hyperbaric section of the Center for Advanced Medicine were amazing. They displayed a genuine concern for my well-being and comfort. I can highly recommend this treatment to any patient that has this as an option in their treatment plan.

I am more than willing to answer any questions you or any other interested party may have regarding my experience.

          Thank You,”

      – Danny S. from Reno (Late Effects of Radiation)
           November 17, 2011

“For the HBOT Gang!

Your thoughtfulness and consideration are what make you the kind of people I really appreciate.
Therapy is much more palatable when when greeted with smiling faces every day. I treasure those moments.
You have the gift of making everyone feel just a little bit more important, a little more cared for…and that’s just how your kindness made me feel.

          Thanks so Very Much,”

      – Russ from Carson City (Non-Healing Wound)
           October 1, 2011

“Dear Drs. Chen, Hanson, Jennifer, Tari, Frank, Justine and April,

Thank you all for your attentiveness to details, your knowledge, your kindness and consistent sense of humor!
This has been a wonderful experience, like one I’ve never known.
You are all a joy to know and I’ll miss you a lot!!

          Your New Friend,”

      – Diane from Reno (Late Effects of Radiation)
           July 11, 2011

“I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the special care I was given by the physicians and staff of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Department. Everyone was very professional, kind and understanding.

In particular, I would like to thank:

Richard Flyer, Clinical Director
Dr. Peter Hansen
Dr. Howard Chen
Frank, Technician
Tari, Technician
Jenn, Technician
Justine, Office Manager
April, Patient Access Rep.

Your organization should be proud to have staff such as these people.”

      – Tim from Reno (Late Effects of Radiation)
           July 1, 2011

“I couldn’t swallow, my throat wasn’t healing. The doctors decided I should go into hyperbaric treatment. After 30 days, I began swallowing easier, I could eat, and the pain went away. After another 30 days, I had no pain, I could swallow and eat anything without hurting, and my saliva glands began working as normal.”

      – Vernon & Janet from Reno (Soft Tissue Radiation Necrosis)

“Due to tissue damage, the oral surgeon wouldn’t pull my teeth until I had Hyperbaric oxygen treatment to restore blood flow in skin tissue around my gums. They were afraid my mouth wouldn’t heal after so much radiation. After 20 treatments — It’s turning out fine. I’ve been a survivor. It helped the blood flow and helped with healing.”

      – Bob from Tahoe (Soft Tissue Radiation Necrosis)

“Thank You! You guys are the best. You made me feel comfortable, loved, and at home. I hope you all have many wonderful life experiences. Take Care.”

      – Josie from Gardenerville (Lyme Disease)

“This note is to thank the Hyperbaric crew for their care and understanding for my situation. I want to thank especially Theresa, Jen and Frank for their help in getting me where I needed to be, helping me dress and undress and selecting movies. The attention that I received was wonderful.”

      – Sherrill from Reno (Non-Healing Wound)

“As a diabetic with poor circulation in my legs and feet, I am very conscientious about taking care of my feet and monitoring any wounds. When I realized the wound was not healing properly, I went to my primary care physician, who referred me to Dr. Albright (Janet Albright, M.D., Medical Director) for treatment. The infection was so bad that Dr. Albright told me I would have to have my toe and and potentially part of my foot amputated. I was devastated, but the staff at the hyperbaric center, including Dr. Albright, was the best – always upbeat and personable – so I felt hopeful about my condition. I had read about hyperbaric oxygen therapy online, and I trusted Dr. Albright explicitly. She thought this treatment would be best, so I decided to give it a chance.

I was depressed after my first treatment because I didn’t know if I would be able to go through with it. However, Dr. Chen was so patient with me. He and Dr. Albright helped me work through my anxiety and prescribed a low-dose sedative that I could take prior to treatment. After a while, I began looking forward to my treatments because they gave me the opportunity to take morning naps. I am so grateful for all of the medical care I received. The atmosphere is very pleasant, and the staff is wonderful. The positive, upbeat attitudes of my physicians really gave me the incentive to continue treatment. I feel blessed that this medical care was available to me.”

   – Maurus from Sparks (Diabetic Non-Healing Wound)

“I was diagnosed with MS several months ago. I limped and lost sensation in my left hand. I knew from my reading and being a doctor myself that HBOT could help. I found the address of Northern Nevada Hyperbaric Center on the web site.

After 10 treatments of HBOT I felt that the sensation in my left hand come back and my walking was normal. After a second relapse I started to limp again and much worse than the first time. I waited about month with hope that my walking would be better. But I did not feel any improvement. My doctor told me, “don’t do HBOT, it does not have any benefit. Your improvement the first time was just coincidence”. But after all,
I decided to repeat HBO treatment. After 10 treatments I felt that my walking improved, but was not perfect yet. I wanted to stop it.

But Mr. R. Flyer told me that it may help better to do another 10 treatments. Finally, after 20 treatments my walking improved to normal. The results from HBOT were
very positive and beneficial. I am so happy with that.

I can walk normally and even run and dance. I really appreciate Mr. R. Flyer’s personal attention and proficiency. The staff at Northern Nevada Hyperbaric Center are all very warm and a very committed group of people.”

      – T.T. from Carson City (Multiple Sclerosis)

Cynthia Nelson

Cynthia Nelson

Cynthia is a 2 year old with athetoid cerebral palsy.  She is unable to sit, stand, walk or crawl.  She also has difficulty using her hands and has difficulty eating and chewing.  She is also unable to speak.

“We have recently completed a total of 85 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments.  Cynthia had a SPECT  brain scan before treatments began and another after her initial 40 treatments. The second SPECT brain scan showed significant improvement in Cynthia’s brain function.”

Now, after completing 85 treatments, Cynthia has made wonderful improvements.  She is much more aware of her surroundings.  She is using her hands a great deal more than before treatment.  Her trunk is much more stable and she is able to maintain a sitting position for longer periods of time.  She has spoken twice, once saying ‘Hi’ and once saying ‘Go’ and her general vocalizing has increased.  She is more motivated to try standing and has also gotten into a crawling position several times on her own.  Her eating and drinking skills have also improved and she is interested in a wider variety of foods.

Our experience at the Northern Nevada Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic was very positive.  They provide a very relaxed atmosphere for treatments.  Cynthia was able to watch videos or take a nap and always enjoyed her time in treatment.  The technician treating Cynthia was very professional and knowledgeable which made us very comfortable and was also wonderful with kids which made Cynthia very happy.

We are very excited about continuing hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments for Cynthia as we feel it is the key to her overcoming her disabilities.”

      – Mark and Laura from Reno (Athetoid Cerebral Palsy)

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