Saving Life and Limb! Warning—Graphic Images

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I have personally treated numerous patients over the last 12 years with non healing wounds. (Check out the graphic images below) Sometimes, people were one step away from amputation. It is so rewarding to save toes, feet, and whole legs (and other body parts) and to see how we can give back a quality of life that our patients never thought possible.

Do you or someone you know have a non healing wound that stems from vascular insufficiency, a complication after radiation therapy, diabetes, or a problem amputation site? How about a wound that comes from a traumatic injury or one that just won’t heal after surgery?

These wounds could all share the common underlying problem of having a low oxygen level, what doctors call tissue hypoxia usually related to poor circulation. Add to the common problem of low oxygen, tissue inflammation and/or infection and you have the ingredients for what could become a very serious limb or life threatening situation.

Sometimes wounds fail to respond to wound care alone. This happens especially when a person has multiple complicating factors like diabetes or a history of radiation therapy.

Fortunately, when hyperbaric oxygen treatment is used in conjunction with standard wound care, patient outcomes improve substantially. Give us a call and/or tell your doctor that you would like to try hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Contact Richard Flyer, Clinical Director at (775) 826-2084. We offer a free consultation.

Key to Images:
First Row—-Diabetic wound with a bone infection. Healed after 35 treatments (7 weeks)
Second Row—Crush injury to hand. 3 treatments to start for a total of 20 total (4 weeks)
Third Row—-Wound from radiation to the neck. 35 treatments (7 weeks)
Fourth Row—Open wound on knee from radiation. Needed 20 treatments (4 weeks)-graft applied after.

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