HBOT Helps Heal Damage from Radiation

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Modern cancer treatments utilize radiation therapy. Doses used to kill cancer growth can sometimes damage (5% of the time) the surrounding tissue. How radiation effects us is really an individual matter. These effects might be felt 6 months to years after the exposure.

Radiation can damage some of the blood vessels in the area where the cancer was. Having less blood supply and oxygen to those areas can lead to non-healing tissues.

Take cancer of the head and neck for example. The jawbone sometimes gets in the way of the path of radiation. The jawbone is very thick and hard and starts out with a smaller number of blood vessels compared to other tissues of the body. After radiation to the head and neck some small vessels feeding the jaw bone can be damaged.

Oral surgeons are concerned about what they call radiation carries or decay of teeth from radiation. In a jaw that has been exposed, the surgeon is concerned that removing damaged teeth could lead to complications such as infection or lead further still to actual death of part of the jawbone. So, HBOT is used prior to teeth extraction to help re-generate new blood vessels and following surgery to remove the affected teeth to help speed post surgical healing.

HBOT works on many other parts of the body–breast, prostate, bladder, gynocological area, GI, and abdomen.

Northern Nevada Hyperbarics has almost 11 years of treatment experience. We have the most experience with treating the effects of radiation therapy and other conditions such as non healing wounds. And, through our year old partnership with Renown Health, we have created the most modern facility where the quality of patient care is number one.

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