HBOT Helps With Spider Bites

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HBOT can help with the effects of spider bites.

This type of injury has been shown to respond to hyperbaric oxygenation treatments. Necrotizing (flesh eating) effects are a complication of the brown recluse spider and other spider bites which are characterized by progressive necrosis and inflammation of the tissue at the site of the spider bite. Doctors sometimes diagnose this by the signs and symptoms that later develop. How much tissue damage you get is relative to the amount of venom injected, location of the bite (with high fat areas being more severely affected) and the immune status of the patient.

I remember a patient we had several years ago. They ended up in the emergency room with 6 bites on the their lower left leg. Each site had a width of 3 inches of tissue destruction. The plastic surgeon had told the patient that they may have to amputate the leg. Fortunately, the doctor referred the patient to Northern Nevada Hyperbarics and after two weeks of treatment (10 days) the patient was on the road to recovery and the wounds healed nicely.

If you or a loved one ever get into a situation where you get a spider bit and it is not healing get to a doctor immediately. It is a very serious situation. Contact us at (775) 826-2084 if you have any questions. We are here to help you.

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